Headshots vs. Branding Photography

Branding Photography in Orange County is on the rise! So, what is it? Do you need it? Does Shy Heart Studios offer branding photography? Let’s dive in!

I think it’s safe to say that we all know what Corporate Headshots are. Yes? And I’m sure most of us know what “branding” is or what it means to brand oneself. But what about Branding Photography? What is that, and how is different from your standard headshots?

Corporate Headshots: This is your suit and tie, or blouse and blazer, in front of a solid backdrop, professional lighting portrait. These are used for your corporate business cards, email signature, website, LinkedIn profile, etc. Most commonly used in the corporate world…hence the term Corporate Headshots. Do we offer these? Yes, we sure do. Historically we have not had this on our website, but that is under construction as we speak. These can be captured in 10 minutes or less, and we typically will book an entire office in one day and shoot on location.

Business Headshots: These are slightly different in that typically the end goal is the same, but the look is different. Headshots for your business can be taken anywhere; business park, studio, office, etc. The location is up to you. These can be done with natural light, or professional studio lights in your space. These can be done in about 30 minutes with a couple of different looks. Typically used for business cards, email signature, social media profiles, website, etc. Do we offer this at Shy Heart Studios? You bet.

Branding Photography: This session can range from a 1 hour refresher, to a half day or full day shoot at multiple locations. This session takes us beyond your business and blurs that line between you and your company, tying you together beautifully to show the world not just what you do – but who you are. The main goal behind a Branding Session is to create imagery and content for your social media, your website, newsletters, and marketing material on every platform. Why might this be necessary for your business? Well, in our digital world it is increasingly difficult to find ways to stand out against the competition. When scrolling Instagram, or any social media platform, or popping in a search term, businesses are a dime a dozen in every category. So what is it that sets one Real Estate agent apart from another agent working the same neighborhoods? What is it that sets one Wedding Planner aside from another? One Bakery from another? What makes them stand out in your feed? It’s not what they do, it’s who they are.

I know that when I post a photo of myself on my business account, or a photo of my little ones, and share more about who I am – the hits, the comments, the likes, more than quadruple. When I share bits and pieces about me, people connect and reach out a lot more frequently. This is our aim with Branding Photography; to bring your audience more of what they crave – YOU. When a potential client feels like they know you, they are far more likely to remember you when they’re ready for your product or service. With Branding Photography we capture you in your element, doing what you do professionally, but also what you do for fun! We do a full planning appointment to figure out who your ideal client is, how you might connect with them on a more personal level, and we set a plan to capture all of it, providing content for your social feeds. And yes – Shy Heart Studios offers this service too! It might be one of our new favorite things.

Reach out to us for more information on any of these session types, and we’ll walk you through every step.

Here’s a look at some beautiful outtakes from our latest Branding session with Matt & Tara Luke of Major League Properties!

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