Summer is back! And so am I.

I almost went three weeks in a row without posting a blog. I’m kind of disappointed in myself to be honest… For an entire year I blogged every week! Then I fell off the wagon… but I’m getting back on!! See? Here I am! Hi.

In my defense, I was out of the country for an entire week – so that week doesn’t count. The second week, I just plain forgot. No excuse there… today I was in the middle of working on an edit, and stopped to write this post… Maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Oh well.

Anyway – here we are… already creeping up on the end of June. Today is the official FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and the weather is fantastic! At least here in Southern California it is… wherever you’re reading from, if your weather sucks… come visit 🙂 We’re killing it over here in SoCal.

I love this time of year! The mornings are crisp, the afternoons are warm, and the evenings are cool. I get to play in the pool with my niece and nephew again, enjoy concerts in the park with friends and family, BBQ and just be out doors. It is a real struggle to stay inside and buckle down for work when the weather is so perfect. I want to play hooky every day right now. But I don’t, because I’m a good girl, and I got shit to do! But I will sneak away for an afternoon stroll with my pup when I’m done with this post… I have to enjoy it before we creep back up into the 90’s and triple digits…

So I’m going to keep it short this week guys. Can you believe it? Partly because I don’t have anything fun to talk about… but also partly because the sooner I’m done the sooner I can scoot on outside and walk in the beautiful sunshine.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! And I hope you enjoy this gorgeous wedding at The Retreat in Corona from last month! Kimberly & Alejandro had a beautiful intimate wedding. I loved working with them… they were sweet, funny and oh so relaxed all day. How could I ask for more? Enjoy! And do yourselves a favor… get out and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. If you’re stuck in an office, I am sorry… but take a walk anyway – enjoy it. Smile at the sun, and forget your worries for a moment today! Even if you can only sneak away for 10 minutes – do it!


Happy Summer everyone!


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Love you bye!

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