Long Beach Lovin’

Kelly & Derek had a beautiful, intimate wedding at Hyatt the Pike in Long Beach last week and it was SO lovely. With only 25 guests in attendance (including their family and wedding party) – they were really able to spend quality time with each other and their guests.

The beautiful couple, along with almost all of their guests, came from Arizona for their big day. They had vacationed in Long Beach a few times and told me it was one of their favorite places that they’ve ever been – so when it came to the question of “where do we get married?” the answer was simple for them. Long Beach!

The party continued after the ceremony at Parkers’ Lighthouse, where along with their guests, they enjoyed a DELICIOUS (I enjoyed it too!) four course dinner and drinks. Everything about this wedding was lovely, and just perfect. They were surrounded by truly wonderful friends and family who kept the small party very lively. Laughter from this group could be heard for miles… and it sure kept me smiling!

Take a look!


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With love,



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