Am I Crazy? Or is that Carrie Underwood??

Tell me I am not the only person who thinks this gorgeous bride looks like she could be Carrie Underwood’s little sister!!

Amber and Matt were adorable from start to finish. When they first walked through the door to meet with me for their engagement session in San Juan Capistrano I was a little dumb-founded. I don’t know why, but I was not expecting such gorgeous people to walk through the door with such beautiful and humble spirits.

We made the short drive up the road to Open Spaces in San Juan Capistrano and as we walked through the park I started to ask questions – like I always do! I love getting to know people and hearing their love story. Amber & Matt had known each other almost their entire lives. They grew up just a few houses down from each other, and played together as kids. Strangely enough, it wasn’t until 2 years ago that their real love story began. This was not a story of love for their entire lives – rather, it was a story of a sweet friendship between two people who weaved in and out of each others lives as they grew and went on to college. They reconnected in their 20’s and sparks were there that had probably always been there in some way. Matt finally mustered up the courage to ask Amber out and the rest was history.

Check out some adorable images from their engagement session!

About 4 Months later – this beautiful couple had their wedding at Wedgewood Vellano Country Club. All of the details were just as beautiful and sweet as Amber. After having a “Reveal” between Matt & Amber on the iconic bridge at Vellano; we staged another sweet Reveal between Amber and her Grandfather. Amber has always been the apple of her Grandfather’s eye. His reaction brought tears to my eyes and was more genuine and heartfelt than I could have ever anticipated.

Here are some images from this beautiful event!

I just love Wedgewood Vellano Country Club weddings! Their entire staff makes weddings come together so seamlessly.

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One Comment on “Am I Crazy? Or is that Carrie Underwood??

  1. AWESOME session and wedding coverage!!!! She really DOES look like Carrie!


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