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As a photographer I always hope to be able to connect to my clients in some way. I find this to be more and more important as time goes on. When it comes to family sessions – I have discovered that the best way to connect to the entire family is to find a connection with the little ones. This usually isn’t very challenging for me because I have no problem being… Read More

“The phone rings in the middle of the night, my father yells ‘Whatcha gonna do with your life?’ Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number one – but girls, they wanna have fuh-unnn – Oooooh girls just wanna have fun!” Is this song now stuck in your head? …. You’re welcome. Cindy had it right – obviously… and so did the girls in this bridal party! I had no idea what… Read More

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – making connections and building relationships in your industry is SO important! I am making connections left and right as I build my business. I am answering every phone call that comes in, and any time someone says “hey you should talk to this person…” I do it…. A few months ago, before venturing off on my own, I met some girls… Read More

Most people don’t have a problem booking an engagement session. They love it. They are excited to get married and excited for all the things that involve their wedding planning – including their engagement session. …….. I should rephrase that – most BRIDES don’t have a problem with Engagement sessions. Most grooms couldn’t care less. But every once in a while I stumble on a couple who doesn’t care to do an… Read More

So I have been posting a lot of engagement sessions and weddings on my blog but haven’t posted much of anything else. Today I am going to focus on portrait sessions. I really love photographing people together and the love between a couple or in a family…  but there is so much to be said for capturing the essence of one person… solo. Whether it’s a senior portrait session, or head shots… Read More

Ok – so I fell off the blogging wagon last week. This week I have been determined to get back on. Monday was crazy so I said, “I’ll write Tuesday.” Tuesday was even crazier than Monday so I figured, “I’ll write Wednesday…” This morning I woke up as sick as a dog, and have been trying to sleep it off considering I probably got a total of one hour of sleep last… Read More

When speaking with a good friend yesterday about the place we are at in our lives we both talked about our concerns and fears. We are both building our businesses and that can be really scarey when you don’t have a cushion to land on if things don’t take off right away. We used the phrase “It’s time to put on our big girl pants” several times… and the term “war story”… Read More

Well I am a few days behind on my blogging… but I still plan to get two blogs posted this week! Looks like they’ll be a little closer together this time… but hey, as long as I keep blogging! I have been surprising myself with how busy I have managed to stay. When your whole business world gets flipped upside down it sure lights a fire under your butt to get things… Read More

When I thought about re-launching my blog I thought about how I could keep readers interested. Obviously it’s fun to look at photos and to talk about sessions – but I knew I needed more than that. I’m going through a major change in my career life right now and am essentially starting from square one building my business. Everyone loves a “from the very bottom to the very top” kind of… Read More