Since I started my photography business about seven years ago I have struggled with my “About Me” page. Who doesn’t struggle with that?! It’s hard to talk about yourself, right?

I’ve had several different bios through the years and my last one I really thought was fantastic…. but I just deleted the whole thing because it wasn’t really about ME. It was about my photography… and the truth is – if you want to know about my photography style, look at my images. You can see it all over the place! My bio should be about who I am… right? I think so anyway.

So here are some things about little ‘ol me:

I am the girl who has dreamt of her wedding day since she was 10 years old… maybe even younger. I remember countless occasions sitting on the floor in my best friends room drawing our wedding dresses and talking about our future husbands. I played barbies and while I had a phase in life where I HATED pink and I HATED dresses… it was very short lived. I love dresses, shoes, purses AND PINK!

I am ever the optimist. I try to see the bright side in every situation and am perpetually happy all of the time… especially when I’m shooting a wedding surrounded by stressed out people. I smile and say “That’s ok! We have time. Let’s keep moving.” Even if we only have 5 minutes to do a 30 minute segment because someone (not me…ever) was late.

I am a dog lover. I have a pitbull named Shylo who I talk to all day and who I swear understands me. I also definitely have an unhealthy addiciton to “Ceasar 911” and just bought his newest “Pack Leader Collar”.

I enjoy eating healthy and working out on a regular basis (even though I grumble all morning during the 20 minute process of getting out of bed… a morning person I am NOT!)

I talk really fast when I get excited, and I also work really fast. I joke that I only have two speeds – Fast and stop… and it’s really not so much a joke as it is actually the honest truth. So don’t be afraid to tell me to slow down a bit… I wont get offended. I’ve heard it my whole life and I always go “Oh! Sorry.”

Biggest “Duh” statement of all? I LOVE my career. I am living my dream career and every moment of it makes me feel fullfilled. I know I am truly fortunate in that respect. I really enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level and building friendships with them all if I can.

My business is built around my hopes, dreams, and loves of my life. My Mother and my sister both work with me alog with some of my very dear friends and I am so proud of that!

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, and friend – and I love each of those roles even MORE than I love my career. I just happen to be fortunate enough that I can combine them all together.

So I think that’s pretty much me in a nut shell – and I hope it gives you a little more insight to the girl behind the lens.

With endless love and hope,




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