Client Experience

Today on Instagram we went “Live” to talk about Client Experience, and to answer questions about what we do and how we do it! I thought I’d recap with a blog post…

Client Experience is the single most important reason a client will or will not return to a business. If you have a bad experience, you’re not going back. If you have an excellent experience, not only are you going back, but you’re probably going to tell all your friends too.

As a photography studio, who provides services and products, our client experience is of the utmost importance. When you’re dealing with family photography, wedding photography, engagement photography, the way that we are, you should always be figuring out ways to elevate the experience for your clients.

We have had countless clients come through our photography studio for their engagement session, their wedding photography, and then to photograph their growing family over the years. This is truly the greatest compliment we can receive – a returning client! Photographers are a dime a dozen… talent is everywhere. So when you find a photographer who’s work you love, AND they provide a unique and memorable experience on top of their excellent work – you keep coming back for more!

As the owner of this company I believe we are here for more than just photography. We want to connect with you, we want to learn about you and what this moment that we are planning to capture, means to you. The more we connect with you and understand your vision, and the importance of this moment, the more intricately we can design your session and capture the images you dream of displaying in your home. It’s not all about, “sit here, look this way, turn your chin over that way…” It’s about becoming your ally in the story we will tell together; it’s about having FUN while we capture you; and it’s about bringing out who you are, what your love is about, and your connections with each other; and then taking those incredible moments and memorializing them forever on canvas, in a wall collection, or an heirloom album.  Yes, we are here to photograph you – but we are also here to provide you with an incredible experience, start to finish.

Follow us on Instagram @shyheartstudios to hear more from us, and see more! We do a segment called “Ask a Photographer” every other week – so if you have any questions you want answered, send us a DM and we’ll cover it during our next segment.

Thanks for reading!

With Love,


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