Full Service Photographer

Full Service Photographer. What does that mean, and why is it important? These days “shoot to burn” photographers are a dime a dozen. Shoot to burn means you get a book a time slot, get a quick session, and get digital files.

Then what? Chances are, you download your files onto your computer and share them on Facebook and Instagram and maybe make your holiday cards with them. A lot of clients think this is what they want/need out of their photography but let me ask you this… Have you noticed those images dramatically reduce in quality over time as they pop up in your Facebook memories? Have you ever had your computer crash? Have you ever dropped your phone in the water or had it stolen and realized there was no back up to your photos and everything is gone? There’s this false sense of security that comes with having your digital files. Somehow, some way, as our society turned digital, we’ve come to think that digital copies are the way we keep images forever – but it’s actually the opposite. It is far easier to lose your digital files forever, than it is actual prints, albums and artwork. The value is not in your digital files because you burry them on your computer or Facebook and forget about them. The value is in the canvas that hangs above your bed, or the album that you get to show off to all of your friends and family. The value is in the tangible artwork that comes with a lifetime guarantee, that you can physically hand down to your children… digital files are just a bonus to share online and get lost in the world of media with the other thousands upon thousands of images out there.

This is one of the reasons we call our selves Full Service Photographers. It is hard to find what we do in Orange County. You can find a ton of photographers that will book you in for 20-30 minutes, and throw digital files at you, you MIGHT order some crappy prints at Costco, but you’ll never match the quality of artwork or experience that we provide.

We start with getting to know each member of your family so that we can tailor your session to your unique group. We want to know that your son is obsessed with Garbage Trucks and Cocomelon because during your session, that helps us bond with him and break him out of his shell. We want to know that your Mother is a cancer survivor, obsessed with her grandchildren, and has a unique bond with each of them so that we can capture exactly that. We do not take what we do lightly. We are not here to throw digital files at you. We are here to capture your legacy and preserve it for your future generations… because THAT is where the value lies. Your story deserves to be told well, and if you aren’t in photographs… let’s be honest, you don’t exist.

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