Orange County Family Photographer

If you follow us on the socials you know that I am basically screaming at the top of my lungs right now about getting your holiday family session booked in!! I spent most of this year sitting on my ass you guys, and I am ready to photograph all of your beautiful families FINALLY. So let’s do it.

This year has been crazy. I started the year off just finishing a few sessions early on and then went on maternity leave to have and bond with my precious baby. Right as I was coming out of leave, I blew out my knee which put me back on leave! I am finally healed (enough) to start photographing again just in time for my very favorite season. Yes – we used to be a wedding photography studio but now we do it all. We photograph weddings in Orange County and Southern California in general. By the end of this year we will have photographed a total of 121 weddings!! This has been a HUGE year for our team with weddings and a very quiet year for family portraits because yours truly has been out of commission. But I’m back baby!!

I am so excited for this season because I just absolutely love to photograph families, design holiday cards, create beautiful stunning artwork for our clients, and see the joy on everyones faces at their image reveal. We are a full service photography studio, in case you didn’t know!! That means we do it all and we do it big. We don’t simply shoot and deliver files for you to lose or bury in a folder on your computer. We plan your family photos alongside you. We learn about each member of your family so that we can tailor your portrait session to your unique group. We set up beautiful fun moments and build a relationship with you so that you all feel at ease during your session and that most importantly, YOU HAVE FUN! Then we design gorgeous holiday cards, stunning heirloom albums, wall art; you name it – we create it. We provide a full experience complete with memories and artwork that will last a lifetime. Very VERY few photography studios in Orange County do what we do. We are unique and we provide a totally unique experience. Basically, we’re awesome – and we’d love to create awesomeness for you. Shoot us an email and come see our studio and talk to us about your session and see if we’re the right fit for you (we are).

Before you do that – check out this adorable family session I photographed in Irvine last season. They grace our website and the walls of our studio because – why wouldn’t they? Just look at them… they’re PERFECT. I adore this family and can’t wait to see them again next month (I’m comin’ for ya Tony!!!).

Thanks for taking a moment to read my first normal blog post in a very long time. I’ll be trying to do better with these 😀

Happy family portrait season!



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