Summer Lovin’


Does anyone else feel as freaking pumped as I am about this? Last summer was a total bummer… this summer, the swim and BBQ days are already on like donkey kong in my family. It also helps that the age of two has made my daughter all about that swim life with her cousins. Last year she was still glued to me at all times and didn’t like the water. This year… she asks me to swim every day, her favorite thing to do is go to her swim lessons with “Miss Savannah” or jump in the pool at her Nana’s house with her cousins. She is all about it, and I am soaking it all in, and a little sunshine and white wine too! It feels glorious. Come join me!

Speaking of summer and cousins… the session I am sharing with you today still has me over the moon with joy. A couple of weeks ago I ran an “Energetic Kids” giveaway and this session was one of the winners of my $450 voucher which covered their session fee and a $250 credit toward their wall art. Grandma bought a beautiful 4 piece canvas display for her wall, and Samantha bought a gorgeous custom framed enlargement of her adorable daughter. I cannot wait to see how these look on their walls!

Fun fact: about 6 years ago I photographed Samantha & JJ’s wedding! Samantha still follows me and knew that this giveaway was the perfect fit for her absolute wild flower of a daughter Kylee to play and have some fun with her cousins. Hearing about the bond Kylee has with Katie & Joey instantly gave me all the feels because it reminded me of my daughters bond with her older cousins. So we took the kids to Huntington Beach and had the most hilarious, wild, and fun kids session I have ever photographed!

During our phone consultation I always chat with my clients about their kids and prep myself for their personalities. I gather important information that helps me get the best out of them during our session. I knew that Kylee absolutely LOVES the water, and that it was very likely that asking her to sit and pose would be a long shot – which everyone was fine with. We wanted Kylee to be Kylee! In her element, having a ball… and that’s exactly what we captured.

I am obsessed with this session and can’t wait to plaster it all over the place because it is just so adorable, playful and full of personality. Take a look:

I hope you all have some epic summer plans! Be on the look out for our Summer Series of giveaways. This session has me inspired to do a beach series… hint hint 🙂

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