Onward & Upward

After a year like 2020 I’ve decided there’s only one way to go… and that way is up. Bigger. Better. More successful. There are no other options.

I’ll be the first to admit that I lagged HARD in the inspiration department in 2020. The Pandemic ravaged my business like a hurricane, leaving me on the top of a car floating down the road not sure where or how to jump to safety. At first I just thought, hang tight… enjoy the unplanned river float… The waters will stop rising eventually, and the car will start again no problem. It can hurricane forever, right? In a couple of weeks and we’ll be just fine. I’ve got some supplies to hold me over…

Then the summer creeped up and we were ready to get back to work in July. But all of the sudden the numbers spiked again and one by one weddings dropped like flies off our calendar. As the year continued on we got our hopes up multiple times and were let down again. That roller coaster ride had me all over the place and really just not knowing what to do or how to proceed. I knew it wasn’t a matter of IF we bounced back, it was just a matter of when… but it had me feeling like I was stuck in the mud and unable to move forward. I found myself signing contracts and thinking “Yeah that wedding wont happen…” and being right about that more often that I’d like to admit. The negativity was just overflowing and growth is really hard to achieve when you’re feeling down in the dumps like that.

Then one morning some ideas started popping into my head before 4am. I started planning, and talking about my ideas with people who I love that are so good at letting me share and who only further inspire me in these times… and the ideas haven’t stopped. The inspiration is back!! I have big plans for my business and I finally feel like I have a focused vision again. 2021 is the year of growth. I can feel it. I’m already rebuilding the engine on that car that carried me through the flood like a life preserver, and it’s going to take me further than it ever has. Stay tuned.


The couples session I am sharing today is of Leigh-Anne and Andres. I met Andres through a small business giveaway I ran at the end of the summer last year. He reached out and asked if we could trade portraits for Tacos and I was AALLLLL IN! His company, Nomada, is a gourmet taco catering service and you have never tasted better tacos. I can all but guarantee it. You can follow him @tastenomada on IG. Andres then referred me to Leigh-Anne for her portraits for her business. She is a conscious relationship and intimacy psychologist. You can follow her at @love.evolv.ed on IG. Together they are an absolute POWER couple and their love is on fire! Check them out:

For information on booking a portrait session with Shy Heart Studios please drop us a note at http://www.shyheartstudios.com

If you don’t already, please follow us on instagram @shyheartstudios

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