How to have a Social Distance Wedding

We are all going through something pretty bizarre right now. “We’re in it together” is a phrase we hear multiple times a day. We cannot get away from talk of Covid-19 no mater what channel or station we turn to… and here I am writing yet another blog that also mentions it…BUT – this one is hopefully, I think.

It seems most of the world has just stopped. I applied for my Real ID in early February and still have not received it in the mail. My license is a month expired…. thankfully I have my temporary license, but is even the DMV closed? Or did they just forget me? Anyway, I digress…

You know it’s really bad when court shuts down… Not only did everyone’s wedding get put on hold, but people couldn’t even get a marriage license. The good news is that slowly the world is finding ways to get some things going. Shows are being broadcast from peoples homes, new mandates and health and safety requirements and procedures are allowing things across the country to start moving again. We still have a ways to go… but in a lot of states you can even get a marriage license again! Check your local counties for how to do this if you’re interested.

Our dear friends Dale & Megan were one of millions of couples who have had to put their wedding on hold, but Megan was quick on her toes. She and Dale left work early on March 13th, just before quarantine officially started in the state of California, and they got their marriage license. They still plan to have their big beautiful wedding later this summer, but they did what was most important to them… they had a beautiful, heart felt, emotional social distance wedding ceremony with their parents, as well as Megan’s Maid of Honor and Dales Best Man (my husband, Randy!). I stepped in as their photographer to help keep their guest count down.

So exactly HOW do people do this? What is the etiquette for a Social Distance Wedding? While I am a professional photographer, I am not professional at Social Distance Weddings…. no one is, we are all brand new to this… BUT – here is my advice for couples hoping to accomplish this over the next few months:

  1. Keep it extremely intimate. 10 guests or less (your photographer and officiant should be included in this count).
  2. Ask all of those attending to PLEASE self quarantine for two weeks prior to your event to help ensure no one gets sick or spreads germs.
  3. Just incase someone in attendance is an essential worker, and also – just for the safety and comfort of those you’ve invited, provide masks and gloves.
  4. Have your ceremony OUTDOORS in the fresh air.
  5. Make sure there is enough space in your designated ceremony area that everyone can stand 6 ft apart and feel comfortable and safe.
  6. Keep it short and sweet, enjoy toasts, champagne, and send your guests on their way.

These two took it one step further and live streamed their wedding for other close family members and coworkers to witness their wedding. It was beautiful. It was simple, it was sweet,  It was held in Megan’s fathers backyard, and it was perfect. We can’t wait to celebrate again with all of their originally intended guests this summer and to see Megan in her bangin’ wedding dress!

Check out the photos from their Social Distance Wedding:


If you or anyone you know is interested in having your Social Distance Wedding Photographed, please visit my website at and send me a message 🙂


Stay safe my friends, and stay healthy!

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