Quarantine Day 20

I actually am shocked it’s already been 20 days since California got our statewide “Stay Home” orders. The first day hit me hard emotionally and I thought, “I’m too extroverted! I can’t do this!! I NEED people!” For many reasons, I am thankful to be married and have a daughter… but in this time, I am EXTRA thankful. My husband is working from home, my daughter is all over the place constantly… it is hard to get bored around here.

Yes – I wish I could take her on a Target run, to visit ANYONE outside this house, to the park… literally anywhere. I am not a homebody. I never have been. I like to be out and about… so that aspect of this has been challenging, especially with our unusually rainy weather we’ve been having.

Still – I count our blessings. Yes, I’m losing business left and right. Yes, I’m out of work. Yes I get bored doing the same thing every day. BUT… I’m not alone. We are all healthy. We don’t have to spend our days in the hospital. We have what we NEED. We have technology that keeps us connected to our friends and family (weekend Zoom game nights have been super fun), and that allows us to get things delivered to our door so that we don’t HAVE to go out. We aren’t living in snowy weather, we CAN go outside and go on walks when it isn’t raining, we can explore the neighborhood and play in the dirt… We are fortunate. I am grateful. I will continue to stay home, and when I do have to go out for groceries, I will gladly wear my gloves and fashionable red and white polkadot mask my mother-in-law made for me.

This will be a blip in our history if we all do the right thing. It is a trying time, but we CAN DO THIS. Stay home. Stay healthy. And if you go out, wear gloves and a mask. We can beat this!

If you are feeling lonely, disconnected, scared, depressed, unhappy in anyway… CALL SOMEONE. Staying home does NOT mean complete isolation. Use technology to your advantage. I’m happy to chat or play games with anyone who needs some interaction on FaceTime or Zoom. Hit me up! I’ll even get out of my night time pajamas and put on my day time pajamas for you 😉

And on a final note… Let’s remember that we’ll be back to regular life soon if we all do our part. We’ll get back to going to beautiful weddings like this one below, hugging our close friends and family (yep, I still plan to be a hugger) and probably washing our hands more thoroughly and regularly forever.

Last week I shared their engagement… today I’m sharing their beautiful wedding at The Retreat in Corona. ENJOY!


Be well my friends, stay healthy and stay home!

For any post quarantine photography needs, please reach out to me! I am still booking business for when this craziness is over and I would love to photograph your events, your families, or anything your heart desires.


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