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Monthly Archives: April 2020

We are all going through something pretty bizarre right now. “We’re in it together” is a phrase we hear multiple times a day. We cannot get away from talk of Covid-19 no mater what channel or station we turn to… and here I am writing yet another blog that also mentions it…BUT – this one is hopefully, I think. It seems most of the world has just stopped. I applied for my… Read More

I actually am shocked it’s already been 20 days since California got our statewide “Stay Home” orders. The first day hit me hard emotionally and I thought, “I’m too extroverted! I can’t do this!! I NEED people!” For many reasons, I am thankful to be married and have a daughter… but in this time, I am EXTRA thankful. My husband is working from home, my daughter is all over the place constantly…… Read More