Quarantine Day 6.

Wow… how life has changed since my last blog post… how life has changed since a week ago.

In the State of California we are on self quarantine orders as everyone knows. As a Photographer this means I’m out of work. All of our team events have been rescheduled for the next two months, possibly longer if people don’t STAY HOME AND FOLLOW THE RULES! I have personally COMPLETELY lost 3 events I was supposed to photograph because clients rescheduled to dates that I’m booked elsewhere.

There’s a big part of me that wants to go off about people who need to stay home and abide by the Quarantine orders… but I just don’t want to get negative right now. So instead, I’ll share what’s going on in La Casa De Shraders.

As I mentioned before, I’m out of work. Thankfully my husband is not, but he is on work from home orders…. which is nice! There’s no commute 🙂 and our sweet daughter gets to go knock on the office window every morning when she wakes up and get kisses and hugs from her daddy.

We don’t have our babysitter coming right now, or our house keeper (first world problems, am I right?) – because we are trying to play by all the rules. YOU GUYS – I’m not even visiting my Mom or my sister and that is TORTURE. That’s what a rule follower I am! I am reluctantly cancelling my baby girls first birthday party… but she’ll party with Mom and Dad 🙂 She wont remember that she didn’t get to have her party… only we will.

Although I can’t photograph, and have zero dollars coming in, I still have to answer clients and deal with reschedules… I want to stay on top of blogging and business planning so we can jump right back in… but it’s all very hard to do without a babysitter. So when my husband is off work, he takes over and I try to get a little work done every day. During my daughters naps, I clean the house, prep our meals, shower, and if I get a few minutes to sit down and breathe… I try that too 🙂 When she’s awake I chase her around the house, up and down the stairs, we take walks through our neighborhood a couple of times a day, we snuggle, we giggle, and we just enjoy our time together.

I am SUPER thankful for technology during this crazy time. FaceTime chats and virtual cocktail hours with friends makes this all a lot less daunting. If you haven’t done that yet you should!!

I hope that you are all keeping your hands clean and staying home. We are all in this together… let’s be a part of the solution, not the problem. Stay home no matter how strong your immune system is, or how little of a threat this seems to be to YOU as an individual. Remember that all it takes is you touching one thing that someone who is not so fortunate touches… you can still spread it even if you don’t know you have it. BE SAFE. BE KIND. STAY HOME.

Until we can shoot again… Enjoy one of my last couple of engagement sessions before the Quarantine:



I look forward to photographing and CELEBRATING when this is all over.


Stay healthy my friends.


2 Comments on “Quarantine Day 6.

  1. The self quarantine has dropped my business to zero as well. I had just invested a lot of money in new equipment that I would need to photograph some sports teams and now everything is cancelled. On top of that, we have all 4 of our little ones at home too which is both a blessing and a curse at times. It’s killing me not to be able to go out and shoot what I want to and to top it off, they’re moving the county down to mandatory shut down of non-essentials starting tomorrow at 5pm. Even my regular career will be on hold through this mess.

    I would say I’m doing all I can in the quarantine but I am also a volunteer firefighter and people will always need help so sometimes I am just going to be at risk. And what else really sucks…I’m 99% sure my college graduation ceremony is going to be cancelled. I know it’s all for the safety of everyone but it still sucks!

    Stay safe, enjoy the fun at home and continue being awesome!


    • Hey Brian! I’m so sorry I didn’t see this note previously. I’m sorry to hear of all the struggles you’ve faced in quarantine. I hope things have gotten better, but most importantly – I hope you and your family are staying healthy. I am sure all the little ones are still home since we’re in the middle of summer. Will they return to school in the fall? No schools will be opening for us around here.


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