Well, hello there 2020…

2020 is already keeping me on my toes. How about you? I know I’m a little late to the party on the “New Year” post, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Like most people I associate an entire year with the things that happened… As one year ends, I always have a lot of mixed emotions. I feel excitement for what’s to come, I feel fear of what’s to come, I feel nostalgia for the past, and if difficult things happened in a year – I feel relief that we get a fresh start… if good things happen, I get a bit of anxiety and apprehension thinking, “will next year bring pain and sadness because this year was so good?” But the reality is that the start of a new year is truly just another day… no matter how much we try to box it up, put a bow on it, and send it off, or throw it away with yesterdays garbage – that really doesn’t mean anything; it doesn’t predict anything. However, it’s still a nice excuse to set new goals, and give ourselves a fresh start; a metaphorical washing clean and starting over.

For me, 2019 had both times of extreme joy and celebration (the birth of my daughter, the birth of my nephew), and times of great fear, sadness and loss (cancer diagnosis for my cousin, and the cancer diagnosis and death of my beloved uncle). 2020 has already brought us a whirlwind in just the first month! My cousin had her final round of chemo, and just last week had that nasty tumor COMPLETELY removed. She gets to move onward and upward from here as she heals from a 9 1/2 hour surgery and is now cancer free. We discovered a massive slab leak in our beautiful kitchen which resulted in a dangerous amount of mold and our removal from the home, not to mention the destruction of my beautiful kitchen… HOWEVER, I count this one as a blessing. Yeah it’s a bummer that we can’t be in our home, but we have had so many wonderful, loving friends and family reach out to offer us help. We are staying with my Aunt, and could not be in a better place. She has a crib and nursery where Brynlee sleeps, plenty of baby toys around the house, we are closer to Randy’s work, and have plenty of space here… not to mention we are all HEALTHY AND SAFE! I don’t even care about the inconvenience – I am just thankful we didn’t get exposed to the mold and that my daughter, my husband and I are all safe. As for business, we are booking weddings like crazy for 2020 which is exciting, as 2019 was a lower booking year for us. So I look forward to this year and all of the joy and beautiful couples it will bring my way!

Below is the engagement session of one such couple! Ceasar & Laura were adorable at their vintage inspired engagement session. Ceasar is a part of a car club and all of his friends brought out their classic cars to participate in their session. Check it out!

I am 100% positive their wedding will have just as much vintage charm – I can’t wait 🙂


Happy February my friends!



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