It’s all about Family.

Well… this blog post was started a week ago. I stopped mid sentence to run to the hospital with my sister because they wanted to run a stress test on her because she was 9 months pregnant and the babies heart rate was a bit low at her appointment that day. They sent her home from the hospital that afternoon, but at 11pm that night we were back and it was baby time! My precious new little nephew was born just before 6am on Tuesday morning. It was a LONG night and my first night ever away from Brynlee. She was not happy about it and gave her Dad a run for his money.

Over the next couple of days I caught up on sleep as much as I could, and caught up on work too. By Saturday I had 4 client meetings… 3 of which ran smoothly, and the last of which had a wrench thrown in it because 10 minutes before my clients were to arrive I dislocated my shoulder and had to go to the Emergency Room. It has been one hell of a week to say the least. Because my fingers still work I’m able to type this post up with the keyboard in my lap as my sitter takes care of my sweet girl. The whole world can’t stop even if I want it to… unfortunately I can’t move my right arm much at all so I can’t be left alone with my baby. I can’t lift her, or my arm and it sucks… so I might as well blog! Thankfully my husbands boss is amazing and understanding and is very flexible so Randy is able to stay home this week until someone is here to help me. I am PRAYING that the ER doctor was correct and I only have to wear the sling until Thursday and can start lifting my sweet baby up on my own again. It is my truest form of torture in life right now not being able to scoop her up 10,000 times per day.

Aaaaanyway – let’s talk about mini sessions! I captured my first round of Mini’s of the season and have two more to go. I am also praying that my doctor clears me to shoot this weekend because I have another round of Mini’s to capture. Fingers crossed!

Family portraits often bring when them more stress than weddings from the clients side. Most commonly this happens with parents of small children obviously. They put so much time and effort into choosing outfits, and getting out the door to be on time and it’s chaotic and difficult… and then it’s hard for them to relax and enjoy the session. It’s hard not to – we all want the perfect holiday card right? I personally enjoy the most authentic or silly photos best when I get holiday cards from people. I never take our holiday cards seriously. I encourage you this year to just enjoy what you get no matter what it is. If your kid is constantly running out of the frame… just laugh it off. Flip them upside down, make them laugh – be silly, and just let it be what it is going to be. You are 10 times more likely to get a killer photo if you just PLAY!! Let’s all remember to play a little more… take the stress off ourselves and remember that no one’s life is picture perfect… so why NOT have an authentically chaotic photo for your holiday card? You’ll make everyone smile.

Here are some perfectly imperfect shots from my first round of Mini’s this year:



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