Love at Vasquez Rocks

So yesterday we ventured out to Vasquez Rocks and it was worth the two hour drive if you ask me. I made some phone calls along the way, listened to some music, drank some Starbucks cold brew and tried to enjoy the drive. But, can I just say how much I hate driving on LA freeways? I don’t mind a long drive… but I hate those freeways… they’re small and windy and people are nuts. Whenever I’m coming back from LA there is nothing more welcoming than that beautiful sign off the 5 just past Artesia that says ORANGE COUNTY. Every time I see it, I smile, take a deep breath, release my vice like grip on my steering wheel and immediately feel at ease – I’m home. Like magic the freeways widen, the traffic lightens up, and it feels like heaven.

I will say that as much as I hate that drive – it’s worth it for locations like this! I’d sit in traffic twice as long for these two anyway.

Can we talk about how bad my hair envy is for Anjelica’s silky pin straight beautiful black hair? Ugh! So jealous!! This beauty is my Mom’s husbands granddaughter. So I guess that makes her my niece by marriage? I don’t know. She’s family – and she is marrying her handsome fella Carlos next September. Our entire family is over the moon happy for this beautiful couple, and I’m so happy they were also willing to take a painful drive through LA for this engagement session. Take a look!


Can these two be the next Abercrombie & Fitch poster couple? I’d vote them in… if that were a thing.

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That’s all folks.


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