They said they wanted to play…

You guys… I spent 7 days in Hawaii with a 3 month old baby. Can you believe it? I still can’t. She was basically perfect but I will tell you… traveling with an infant is definitely a different kind of vacation. Pre-Brynlee we would have done a lot more than we did while on the beautiful island of Kauai… but having her with us forced us to take a much slower and more mellow vacation – which I actually really loved. Our tiny girl was asleep for the night by 6pm most nights which made going out to dinner challenging (although we did manage to make it work a few times that week without messing up her sleep schedule! Woohoo!) but on the nights we stayed in, we enjoyed wine on our balcony and kisses from the cool island breeze. It was relaxing and magical. I was half bummed to come home, but half super excited to have Brynlee back in her crib and on her routine. It took us a few days but we are back in action! Today Nana is on duty while I get some work done and share this beautiful engagement session with you all!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have a love/hate relationship with photographing at the beach. The weather can be on the unpredictable side and so can the lighting… however – I can always make it work… but the outcome is almost never the same twice. Be that as it may, I still always love the work we get when we shoot at the beach. There’s something exciting about not knowing what you’ll get.

For Caitlin & Dominic’s engagement session in San Clemente we had gorgeous weather. It was bright, but the clouds rolled in just lightly enough to give us perfect lighting… and the best part was – they wanted to PLAY!! They were excited to get in the water and I LOVE a couple who’s up for a little adventure and not afraid to get dirty… or pummeled by waves.

Take a look!



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