Back in Black!

Because when I shoot weddings, I wear all black… Get it? Like the song? …. No? Whatever. I thought it was funny… but I digress…

I am officially back to work after having my tiny little baby 12 weeks ago. I can’t believe it’s already been 12 weeks… and at the same time it feels like I’ve had her forever. I had a grueling 41 hour labor before we finally got to meet our little 7lb 0oz 19″  long bundle of perfection on April Fools Day. That WOULD happen to me right? I thought I was going to have a March baby when labor started at 2am on the 31st. But Brynlee had other plans… plans that would have me in labor for a very VERY long time. And yes – she is worth every painful moment of that process. It was hell – but she is pure heaven.

Saturday was my first wedding back and boy did it come at me full swing with obstacles, curve balls, and some moments of sheer panic. I felt like I woke up to a nice swift kick in the balls, and a slap across the face that day… (or what I would imagine a kick in the balls would feel like since I don’t actually have any)… and a real obnoxiously evil voice going “WELCOME BACK TO BUSINESS OWNERSHIP SUCKER!” However… as usual, my tribe stepped up, and everything got handled perfectly and peacefully.

Back home, Brynlee spent the day with her Daddy and he was a pro. Since she was born, we have done everything for her together whenever Randy was home – which set him up perfectly for his first full day alone with her. They didn’t have any trouble, and he kept me updated with photos all day long. It felt SO great to be shooting a wedding again. My creative juices were flowing all day long, I didn’t miss a beat after nearly 4 months since shooting my last wedding. I love what I do, so being back felt incredible – and having photos of my little girl throughout the day kept me from feeling like I was missing out on her. It was perfect!

Below are some photos I’ve taken over the last few months. One of my favorite moments, one I looked forward to from the time I found I was pregnant, was introducing my baby to my other babies – my niece and nephew… and the moment was everything I imagined and more! They are in love with their little cousin and she is already in love with them too.

Take a look:


I am loving Mom life, and I love shooting weddings again too 🙂


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