Hello 2019! Let’s do this.

Happy New Year everyone!!

I am not a big New Year celebrator… I keep it mellow. But I do like to reflect on the previous year and the goals of the new year and I do enjoy this time. For me 2018 had a lot of ups, and not many downs… for which I am very grateful. Business was wonderful; my marriage was wonderful; we traveled to Costa Rica and to Ecuador, and we found out that we are expecting a baby girl. There was a lot to be thankful for in 2018 and I hope that 2019 offers us, and all of you, just as many blessings.

The first few days of 2019 have already started me off on a high! I woke up on New Years Day 2019 much like I did on New Years Day 2017… In 2017 it was the realization that we were getting married in just a few months and it felt like TOMORROW. In 2019 it was the realization that WE ARE HAVING A BABY, and it feels like she’ll be here tomorrow. SO MUCH TO DO! So exciting.

On January 1st I captured my youngest brothers proposal to one of my photographers, and his long time girlfriend Alexandra. So on day one of this year the excitement of knowing our baby is coming, AND I’m getting my very first brand spankin’ new sister-in-law had me feeling that there is so much excitement and love to plan and enjoy this year. Then on day TWO of this year I reconnected with one of my oldest friends who I have very dearly missed. We are only 4 days into this year and I am just on cloud 9 with all the goodness and love.

Take a look at my very first session of 2019… Three Caster’s down, One to go!


Wishing you all a very blessed 2019 full of love and happiness.




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