ARE YOU READY!? YES!? NO!? Well get your shit together friends because like it or not (if you don’t like it that’s sad) – Christmas is almost here.

Which also means that 2018 is almost over you guys! Christmas is in t-minus 5 days…. and I just want these last 5 days to go super slowly because I love Christmas with my whole heart… and it all goes by too quickly. Every year goes by faster as we get older and it freaks me the hell out. I try so hard to savor moments, but they quickly become distant memories… and when I think too much about that I get depressed – so moving on!

Usually by this time of year business has slowed down for me quite a bit by now and I’m usually on top of the holiday cards but scrambling to finish my shopping. However, this year my husband started working either Saturday or Sunday every weekend – which, coupled with my weddings, meant we didn’t have a full day off together in 3 months!!! So we literally just scrambled to get our holiday photo done on Sunday, and I rush ordered the cards and sent them out yesterday…. BUT my Christmas shopping has been done for a while… AAAAAND I finished wrapping gifts too! So, Go me… sort of 🙂 Now I get to sit back and enjoy my Mom’s most delicious pumpkin bread (I’ve literally never had better pumpkin bread than hers – ever, hello sweatpants!), and get ready for all of the holiday gatherings coming up over the next week. Life is good.

And you know what else? *Insert clever transition here *


How CUTE are these two? So damn cute.


Happy Holidays my friends! For more information on engagement sessions in Orange County or anywhere in So Cal, or on wedding photography in Orange County and beyond – check out my website, and say hello 🙂


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