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Monthly Archives: December 2018

ARE YOU READY!? YES!? NO!? Well get your shit together friends because like it or not (if you don’t like it that’s sad) – Christmas is almost here. Which also means that 2018 is almost over you guys! Christmas is in t-minus 5 days…. and I just want these last 5 days to go super slowly because I love Christmas with my whole heart… and it all goes by too quickly. Every… Read More

I am such a nerd for Christmas. My husband likes Christmas too but he likes to try to stifle me until December 1st usually. We have a light-hearted argument as Thanksgiving draws near every year about decorating for Christmas because he knows I like to decorate the moment Thanksgiving is over. I’m not SUPER crazy – I don’t ever want to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving because I love the fall decor… Read More