Where are you Fall weather?

I’m getting really T.O.’d about this weather lately you guys. I am literally itching to bust out my warmer clothes but it’s still hitting 90! Mother nature teased us a bit with a good solid 24 hours of rain about a week and a half ago, and then the next day it spiked right back up to 85. What is this crap? The mornings tease me… it’s cloudy and crisp and glorious… and I want to put on an over sized sweatshirt and drink a piping hot cup of PSL… and then by 9:30am I am reminded that it’s basically still summer… and the layers have to come off. But what can you do? I guess I’ll just continue to sit here, staring longingly out the windows dreaming of rain boots, scarves and rain drops on my windows… and wait not-so-patiently.

The one time I was actually glad it didn’t rain when the weather app told me ALL WEEK LONG that it would… was the day of this couples engagement session. We were supposed to get a legit STORM… big warnings everywhere… but as per usual, what we got, was about 30 minutes of a light drizzle that can best be compared to the misters that theme parks and some restaurants have on in the dead heat of summer. And also it was like 78 degrees still…. BUT!!!! It made for the absolute most perfect beach engagement session for Chelsea and Aaron.

Check out how cute they were at Crystal Cove… there was almost no one else on the beach that day. It was magical!


It also helped that this beautiful bride was ready to shoot rain or shine… I LOVE it when I have couples who aren’t afraid of a little drizzle. Rainy days make for some of the best shoots.

Happy not-quite-fall everyone!

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