Dreams Do Come True!!! Even my photography dreams…

Is anyone else sick of the fact that by mid-day it still feels like summer? I get up in the morning, it’s overcast and cool and lovely… Take my dog for a walk… have a nice hot cup of coffee… and then the sun comes out and it’s 85 degrees and I get sad. I just really want to wear jeans and sweaters all day. Come on Fall – where are you?


Anyway… I want to talk about this beautiful couple and their wedding at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. Josh & Jazmin have been together since high school, and they are sincerely one of the most delightfully fun, adorable, hilarious and loving couples I have ever had the honor of working with. I met the Plemon family several years ago through my sister and brother-in-law who work with Josh. I met them at a holiday work event for their company which was hosted by Josh’s family. Their team hired me to capture their casino night and I immediately fell in love with the Plemon’s. This might sound self absorbed – and I don’t care – but I loved them so much because they reminded me of MY awesome family. I am so proud of the family I come from, and the older I get the more I realize how rare it has to have a big family who truly enjoy’s each other all the time, and opens their hearts and homes to everyone… so in the very rare instances I come across another family who welcomes me into their home the way my family welcomes others in to theirs… I can’t help but instantly feel all warm and fuzzy inside and want to be their best friend!! That is how the Plemon’s made me feel when I first met them.

A little while later, Tracy & Dean (Josh’s parents) hired me to photograph their extended family to honor their parents wedding anniversary. I loved seeing all of the siblings laugh together, and the cousins relationships with each other. We photographed each group together and then went to Ruth’s Chris to continue the celebration honoring this monumental anniversary and birthday. Everyone in their family made me feel like family too, and I couldn’t have enjoyed working with them more. So when Josh & Jazmin asked to meet with me to discuss their wedding photography, I was elated. I knew it would be an amazing event, with an amazing group of people, and a couple that literally no one can get enough of. Their day was right out of a fairytale. From Jazmin’s stunning and unique gown, to Stanley the giraffe (yes – a friggin GIRRAFE!! AND I LOVED HIM!), to the twinkle lights in the oak tree’s – the entire day felt like an absolute dream…. and I so wish we could all go back to Saddlerock Ranch and do it all over again.

This was a day where truly nothing went wrong. It was every photographers (and couples!) dream – Every detail was completed to perfection; every guest had a smile on their faces… and every family member on both sides was beaming with pride and love and everyone had an amazing time. Take a look:



This incredible wedding could not have been possible without this awesome team of vendors:

Venue: Saddlerock Ranch

Photography: Me. Duh.

Planning: Cat Nguyen at Wish Wonder Dream

Hair & Make Up: Blushing Beauty

Gown: Haley Paige

Florist: Beautiful Savage Flowers

Videography: D.P. Weddings

Catering: L.A. Roots

Rentals: A Rental Connection

Vintage Rentals: Pretty Vintage

Officiant: Words for All Occasions

Sweets & Treats: Sweets by Kacy

DJ: Vox DJ

Live Music: Black Noise

Photobooth: Photo Bus

Late night snacks: Dedicated Danny

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box


For more information on wedding photography in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and anywhere else… please stop by our website at http://www.briannacaster.com – and say hello! Or follow me on Instagram at @briannacaster and Facebook.com/briannacasterandco


Peace, Love, and Pumpkin ravioli,



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