P.S. – I love you, Fall.

In the month of August I basically felt like a stay at home wife. It was kind of nice… but then I got bored. When September hit, I felt like I had a job again! The photography business has so many strange ebbs and flows. To me, it makes sense that August is typically a slow month for us. In Southern California, with the month of August, also comes extreme eat…. most of the time. We usually hit triple digits on and off through out the month and it is rare that we have a day below 95. This year however, mother nature went a little backwards on us. We hit record heat in July, and then August was really quite lovely…. but that’s not the norm.

So I attribute the slow wedding month of August to the anticipated high temperatures. We always get a couple of weddings but this year we had 3 in August compared with 13 in September. As the weather beings to cool, the weddings pick back up!

Now that Fall is in full swing – I am a happy camper. The weather is cooling, all of my glass pumpkins are out, the fall wreath has been hung, and my 14 year old nephew is already teasing me about how early I decorate. Just wait until he see’s the Christmas game I like to play with Randy on Instagram where I start sneaking out holiday decorations before he deems it appropriate decorating time. I can’t WAIT to play that game again! I absolutely love this time of year… WHO DOESN’T!? Unfortunately around here it’s still been a bit too warm to bust out the scarves and boots… but I am watching that weather app like a hawk and we’re supposed to get some rain next week!! That literally made me squeal with joy today. I know some parts of our country are suffering too much rain, while we suffer too much heat (brush fires, etc)… but for us rain means less fear of fires, droughts, and the inability to harvest certain fruits and vegetables. So bring – it – on! I want to get COZY… and turn off my AC so I don’t see my life flash before my eyes when I get the next bill. I LOVE THE FAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!

All of this weather rambling was to segway into this adorable engagement session at Irvine Regional Park with Shannon & Lee… and Rowdy! I adore this couple, and this session was so much fun! I feel like their personalities are absolutely beaming through in every photo. They are funny, playful, sweet, and have an adorable dog and a kick ass classic VW truck that has been in Lee’s family for several decades…. take a look:

Doesn’t this session just make you want to start a fire and drink something pumpkin spiced!? It feels like fall to me! ❤




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