She said… “WHAT!?” And also “Yes.”

You guys – I freaking LOVE photographing proposals. I literally can’t get enough of it. I get so nervous for the couple that I tremble with nerves until they arrive… it totally messes me all up and has me completely nervous as if I’m the one proposing. I’ve done three proposals this year and each of them were so incredibly adorable that I can hardly stand myself. James & Ashley were no exception.

James’s mother found me on Google (woohoo!) and I met up with James to plan out his big moment down at the Montage in Laguna Beach just a few days before the big event. The day of the proposal I arrived painfully early because I was afraid to get stuck in traffic, and as I enjoyed the perfect weather and stunning view of the pacific ocean, people walked into the view point where the proposal would take place and started snapping selfies. Then they would leave and the space would be perfectly empty. This only added to my nerves of people getting into my shots. For about 15 minutes the space was completely open, and I sat there thinking “hurry hurry hurry!” And wouldn’t you know it… literally 2 minutes before they arrived a family popped in and started taking photos… and naturally… NATURALLY… a woman showed up with her giant poodle, hair cut exactly as you would imagine, and a bag full of different collars and hats and began a cell phone photo session with her dog. I am not even kidding right now. That happened. I took a deep breath and just thought, “when they see what’s happening, they’ll move.” I thought about giving the poodle lady a heads up, but just as I was about to, up walked James & Ashley.

James told Ashley that they were meeting up at the Montage for a drink with his parents before heading to a restaurant for James’s birthday dinner. Ashley didn’t have the slightest clue that he was going to pop the question. In fact, as they passed by me sitting on a bench waiting for their arrival, Ashley joked with James, “are you going to propose?” and giggled. He let out a nervous chuckle and said, “No, I don’t have ring yet.” Although she joked, she truly didn’t mean it. She later told me that it is totally James’s style to take her to view points and soak in the moment, so this was not out of the ordinary for the two of them at all.

Just as they walked past me I began snapping, and when people realized what was happening, as I hoped and prayed – they took the hint and got out of the way. I don’t even need to say anymore because you can see exactly how surprised Ashley was when you look at this highlight video and these photos…


Are they not the cutest!?!?! I can’t get enough of these photos. I feel so lucky to have captured this moment and met this adorable couple.

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K love you bye!

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