Guess what day it is!

It’s Wednesday. Nothing special…

Happy Wednesday friends. I’ve been doing better with my planner again this week. I looked at it MONDAY this week. That’s an improvement from the week before… when I didn’t open it until Wednesday :-X  I’ve also made some good headway on my new home office space. I am so excited to have it all done and share it – most importantly, I can’t wait to start hosting client meetings here and review sessions! We will still keep our studio space in Tustin for our Shy Heart Studios clients of course, but going forward I will be meeting my BC & Co. clients in my home office over a glass of wine, in my new adorable little space. It will be awesome!

Point being – I am meeting my goals and have been more organized than ever before. You know what is helping besides my planner? My accountability partner Annie! We have been having weekly meetings where we talk about what we accomplished the week before, and discuss our goals for the next week. We give each other feedback and advice over lunch and it has been so helpful keeping us each on track. I highly recommend it. Whatever your goals are, whether they are business goals, money saving goals, weight loss goals – get yourself an accountability partner! Chat with them every week over lunch or over the phone. It REALLY helps keep you on track.

Ok – onto some beautiful wedding photography. Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Michelle & Christian’s wedding at The Retreat in Corona. It was a hot day, as usual this summer (anyone else’s electric bill threatening to give them a heart attack yet?) but these two were amazing all day. Their wedding party was top notch… everywhere Michelle went, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were there to help her with her dress, keep her hydrated and make sure she had what she needed. We could see and feel how loved this beautiful couple was everywhere we looked that day.

Take a peak…


Aren’t they the cutest!? Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Jackson!

For more information on wedding photography in Orange County or the surrounding areas… or anywhere else your little heart desires… please visit and send me a message!


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