If you guessed that I would completely neglect my planner by week two, you’d be 50% correct. It’s Wednesday and I opened it for the first time this week about an hour ago….

I don’t really have any excuses except for that I let things distract me this week. It happens, right? Despite not opening my planner, I did book two new weddings this week AND I’m even posting my blog already and it’s Wednesday. So it’s not all that bad, right? This is my last working day of the week because tomorrow I have my niece and nephew all day (I always take Thursdays off for them!) and then Friday I am leaving for Lake Havasu for the weekend. But I’m going to pretend that it didn’t take until my last working day of the week to open my planner and say that I did it mid-week. K?

Is it Friday yet? I want to be in Havasu now… on the water, ice cold beverage in hand, soaking up the sun and cool water with friends and family…. So distracted.

ANYWAY… I’m keeping it short this week friends… so that I can get back to the task list I created for the last 3 days just one hour ago. Time to catch up on all that I didn’t do this week 😀

Today I’m sharing my adorable couple Megan & Austin from the hottest day in California history in I don’t even know how long… but longer than I’ve been alive for sure. Out in Jurupa Valley where we began our prep, the temperature peaked at 118!!! They were absolute troopers all day long. They didn’t complain at all – they were amazing. The groom and groomsmen were full black suits and it was still 110 when their ceremony started. I am still in awe of their positive attitudes.

Take a look at their crazy hot day…

And yes… the last photo are of some loaded hot dogs. Megan & Austin are huge baseball fans… so they had a hot dog bar open up at the end of the night. Their guests loved it!

For more information on booking a wedding photographer in Orange County, or for any other questions – please visit my website at http://www.briannacaster.com and shoot me a message.


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