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Monthly Archives: August 2018

It has been a hectic two weeks and I have not posted a blog… I hate it when that happens! I have been highly focused on transforming my home office so that I can start meeting clients here, and I am thrilled to say that it is ALMOST DONE!! It was a huge project, but I am really excited about it. From the time we moved into our new home, which has… Read More

Guess what day it is! It’s Wednesday. Nothing special… Happy Wednesday friends. I’ve been doing better with my planner again this week. I looked at it MONDAY this week. That’s an improvement from the week before… when I didn’t open it until Wednesday :-X  I’ve also made some good headway on my new home office space. I am so excited to have it all done and share it – most importantly, I… Read More

If you guessed that I would completely neglect my planner by week two, you’d be 50% correct. It’s Wednesday and I opened it for the first time this week about an hour ago…. I don’t really have any excuses except for that I let things distract me this week. It happens, right? Despite not opening my planner, I did book two new weddings this week AND I’m even posting my blog already… Read More