My Master Plan….

Insert Evil Laugh Here.

I’m not actually going to tell you my Master Plan. Sorry…. this is more about my issues with organization.

For the most part I am a fairly organized person. People who know me consider me to be a very organized person… But step into my office and you’ll see… I’m not as organized as you might think. I LIKE to be organized. I LIKE things to be neat and orderly. I LOVE working with deadlines. I am VERY good at working from home and getting ish DONE on a daily basis. BUT… if I see a squirrel I might chase it for hours and then get nothing done.

Most of the time I set goals and meet them left and right… but if you sat down at my desk, on an average day you’d see 3 different notebooks all with equally important “to-do” lists or idea’s and no rhyme or reason for them being in different notebooks, two stacks of post-it notes, 5 post-it’s stuck to my desk with notes on them, two stuck to my computer screen, and at least one stuck on the wall next to me, notes scribbled on the back of check stubs and torn open envelopes, and don’t even get me STARTED on my desk top…. Some days I get anxiety just looking at it. Most days I get a little anxiety just walking into my office space because it is NOT organized neatly. Whenever people come to my house I close my office doors (which are french doors that you can see right through, so why do I even bother closing them?) and apologize for my chaotic office space and plead with them not to judge me. To which they respond, “Oh please. It’s not even that bad.” Oh Please? YOU “oh please” – it’s ridiculous. Stop lying to me. The rest of my house, however, is always neat and orderly. My workspace though… I should probably hire a professional organizer to get my life on track. That’s not a bad idea actually… Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Point being – I am TRYING to turn over a new leaf. I BOUGHT A PLANNER you guys. The pessimistic cartoon on my right shoulder laughed so hard at me when I bought it, that she nearly fell off my shoulder and broke both of her legs. She not-so-kindly reminded me that I’ve been down this road before…  I used the planner for a week, and then stopped using it. I went through that cycle more than once when I was in college… Truth be told – I love adorable notebooks with cute phrases or funny sayings on the front (“Hello Beautiful”, “Those who seek Beauty will find it”, “All good things are Wild & Free”, “Hustle is my Middle Name”, “She believed she could, so she did” are just a few of the notebooks I own… none of them are full). So yeah, when I saw this notebook that says, “MASTER PLAN 2019” on it – I had to have it. When I realized it was a PLANNER, I almost put it back. Whether it was my desire for another cute notebook despite it being an ORGANIZED calendar notebook, unlike my regular blank pages with lines notebooks (where I can scribble ANYTHING!)… or it was the Optimist in me trying to convince me that I CAN stick to a planner and use it to my advantage… OR if that was just the excuse I told myself… I can’t be sure. But I listened to the optimistic cartoon on my left shoulder as she encouraged me to buy the planner and give it the old “college try.”

So here I am, on the Trying-To-Be-More-Organized-Project Day 1. After many internal discussions with both cartoons during my walk with Shylo today, I decided that I will use my planner for GOALS rather than appointments. I will write my daily and weekly goals in it for my business. The issue I had in the past was that I have always put all of my appointments in my phone and set a reminder for them, and it just felt redundant writing it in a notebook and putting it in my phone, and then I felt too paranoid about missing something in one of them and didn’t want to have to check two sources all the time. SO, I will keep my appointments and events in my phone… and I will put my goals and daily tasks in my planner. Maybe it will work. Or maybe next weeks blog will be about how I tore it to shreds and burned it in the middle of the street while I slow-motion walked away from it. Either way – I’m trying! My main goal for the week is to get my entire office space ready for a complete overhaul. I’m getting rid of furniture and transforming the space entirely. I can’t wait to unveil it. Hopefully this new leaf I’ve turned over will prove to be worthy of the $8.00 I spent on it.

Wish me luck… And follow my instagram story to help keep me accountable weekly. And then check out this adorable engagement session at Mission San Juan Capistrano:


But seriously… wish me luck!

For more information on booking (I PROMISE I’m insanely organized when it comes to photographing weddings) wedding photography or to see more work, please visit


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