Why can’t I control EVERYTHING?

Hi, my name is Brianna and I’ve been a control freak for most of my life… I’m working my way through Control Freaks Anonymous…

Actually I’d say I’m getting better as I get older. My husband and family might disagree… I don’t know. I haven’t asked… but I feel like I’m becoming more of a “go with the flow” kind of person because in my business you have to. There are things I can control about what I do, but there is a LOT that is completely out of my hands. That’s hard for me because I want everyone’s wedding day to be perfect, but it’s the nature of this business.

I do a pretty good job of just embracing all of the chaos and making the most of it. I am not afraid to play in the rain with my couples if they aren’t… I will pull 50 people out of a reception room for a formal photo because a relative arrived late if it’s what my couple really wants… I am game for all of it. I think I find the most sadness at weddings when couples are stressed out or unhappy because certain details aren’t going as planned.

I’m going to keep this blog short and to the point today… News Flash: your wedding will not be perfect if you hold it to impossible standards. It WILL be perfect if you go with the flow, embrace or ignore the crazy, laugh at the chaos, marry the love of your life, and walk out holding hands at the end of the night smiling. I know we all want to control it all and make sure every little detail is perfect… but I encourage you to find the perfection in the imperfection and just enjoy every moment you can. If some details don’t fall together perfectly… in the words of Elsa… LET IT GOOOO, LET IT GOOOO! And enjoy it all anyway… because you put way too much time, effort and money into this to NOT enjoy it regardless of what goes wrong… and if at the end of the day you’re still married to your best friend – that’s all that matters.


Enjoy this little overcast beach session for Sammy & Alex’s engagement:

Now to turn on the air conditioning because 90+ degree heat requires it.


For more information on engagement and wedding photography in Orange County or around the country… world… whatever… check out our website and drop us a line at http://www.briannacaster.com




3 Comments on “Why can’t I control EVERYTHING?

  1. “…find the perfection in the imperfection…” This particular phrase right here really hits home on how I view life because nothing will ever be perfect. As photographers, we can spend hours on a piece and show it to everyone who says it’s perfect…but we know that one spot or that one thing we’d change to make it ‘more’ perfect.

    Side note, every blog and image set you put out makes me wish I could do more with my camera but I don’t have the time, money, or people who will let me drag them to cool locations for amazing shots…yet. =)


  2. Bribe them ^

    There are few things you can control, and that is your attitude and your ability to go with the flow. To *not* let control rule your life!


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