Take me anywhere in the world for Beauty…

I love to travel. Sometimes I find it funny that the older I get, the more I want to capture every little moment. When I first started out doing photography, I’d leave my camera at home unless I was working… I wanted a break. I didn’t want to see everything through a lens. Now, I never want to put it down. I want to photograph the earth in all of it’s earthly beauty as much as I want to capture the moments of people I love laughing and enjoying life… and as much as I want to capture my clients on their biggest day.

I’m leaving the country next week and am debating on bringing my camera. I want to bring it SO badly but I also hesitate because of safety… but I know the entire time I’m there I will wish I had my camera if I DON’T bring it. So we shall see what I decide… the debate will continue in my head until the day I leave… Those are the inner struggles of a travel loving, adventure seeking, beauty capturing photographer.

Sometimes I’m super extra lucky and I get paid to travel with my camera! The beautiful bride pictured below is Whitney. She and I met when she worked at a venue that my team is a preferred vendor for. She was a wedding coordinator there. Shortly after I met, she told me she had a friend who had just moved from Tulsa and was looking for a photography job. She sent me her phone number and I asked her to join me for coffee to talk photography. Laci and I became fast friends and she worked for me for about a year until moving back home to Tulsa. I was beyond sad to see her go because I adored her, loved working with her, and she had proven to be an integral part of my team… AND one of the first photographers I hired (after my darling Elaine) when I began growing my team.

After Laci broke my heart and left me… we stayed in touch. She traveled with me to New York for a wedding, she traveled out to my wedding in South Carolina, and every time she comes back to California we pick up where we left off. All the while, I continued of course, to build my relationship with Whitney. Whitney told me from very early on, long before she met Ryan – that she would want me to photograph her wedding one day. It always made me warm and fuzzy inside. When she finally met the love of her life (about 3 years after she and I met) she started talking about me photographing her wedding again and I was thrilled. Whitney & Ryan got engaged just before the holidays last year and married last weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Whitney is from.

I have said it before and I will say it again… when people in the wedding industry ask ME to capture THEIR wedding… the compliment is ten fold. They work with so many photographers and have so many options, and when they choose little ‘ol me… my heart explodes. It was a true honor to capture Whitney & Ryan’s wedding at Spain Ranch in Oklahoma. Take a look (and see if you spot me & Laci):


The amazing team for this wedding included:

Venue: Spain Ranch

Coordination: Marissa Pascarella (fun fact, I also photographed her wedding!)

Floral: Crooked Roots Design

Catering: Catering by Orr

Bakery: Laurannae Baking Co.

Photo Booth: Oh Snaps

Video: ByDesign Films

Arbor: J & L Tables

DJ: Lions Road

Lighting: Integrity Lighting


For more information on booking YOUR destination wedding photography (TAKE ME ANYWHERE!) please reach out via http://www.briannacaster.com

One Comment on “Take me anywhere in the world for Beauty…

  1. “I want to bring it SO badly but I also hesitate because of safety…” Definitely take ‘A’ camera. It doesn’t have to be your pride and joy but definitely one that you can continue to capture the moments you want to capture. I tend to take my old camera that I learned on (Nikon D5000) when I travel. Always try to live by these words of wisdom in anything I do: “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” I’m sure you live by the same when you do your amazing shoots.


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