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Monthly Archives: June 2018

This is honestly the best advice I can offer people running their own business. I want to get it on a t-shirt… I’ve probably ranted about this before, but I’m going to rant about it again. Sure, you can be the worlds greatest at what you do… You can have a service or product that stands apart from everyone else in your industry – something REALLY unique and fantastic… But if you’re… Read More

I almost went three weeks in a row without posting a blog. I’m kind of disappointed in myself to be honest… For an entire year I blogged every week! Then I fell off the wagon… but I’m getting back on!! See? Here I am! Hi. In my defense, I was out of the country for an entire week – so that week doesn’t count. The second week, I just plain forgot. No… Read More

I love to travel. Sometimes I find it funny that the older I get, the more I want to capture every little moment. When I first started out doing photography, I’d leave my camera at home unless I was working… I wanted a break. I didn’t want to see everything through a lens. Now, I never want to put it down. I want to photograph the earth in all of it’s earthly… Read More