Dear 2018 – You are Weird and Amazing

We’re about 5 months into 2018 incase you didn’t know… and for our team – it’s been a super weird year for bookings, but we have had some AMAAAAZZZING clients and it’s only MAY!!!!

I always think I have the “busy season” pegged in the wedding industry. Historically, March through October is the busiest time for us. With the months of March and October specifically being the absolute busiest – but having very consistent work throughout the months in between. This year, we started out with a HUGE February with 12 weddings (opposed to last years TWO weddings in February)… consistently busy through June, and then BAM… huge drop off in July and August, picking back up in September. JULY you guys. JULY is slow. It’s banana’s. Probably not nearly as fascinating and mind blowing to all of you as it is to me… but I’ve actually heard from several others in the industry that the summer months this year are just not as busy. So it’s not just me…. which is encouraging.

I have already photographed SEVERAL amazing couples this year that I can’t WAIT to get published anywhere and everywhere, and have several more coming my way. I have a legitimate first world problem… WHICH weddings do I submit to print, and which weddings do I submit to blogs? There have just been so many stunners who have stolen my heart with their sweetness and had me tearing up at their weddings that I just want to share all of them with the whole world!!! AND I’M NOT EVEN DONE YET!!! I have three weddings in a row this weekend alone, starting today…

This couple is no exception…. they will tie the knot in October at Mission Viejo Country Club and I absolutely adore them. Just look how photogenic they are and how cute they are together – I mean COME ON!!!


So here’s to 2018 in all of it’s booking weirdness, and killer couple glory! For more information on wedding photography in orange county and around the globe (I’m off to Tulsa next week!) – please visit and don’t forget to follow me on IG @briannacaster


Off to start my triple header weekend… by Sunday I’ll be a zombie. Worth it.


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