SleekLens Portrait Workflow Review

You guys! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself…. Just ask Alex – I was blowing her up for about 20 minutes straight today via text telling her about my new SleekLens actions and brushes from Lightroom. The Portrait Essentials kit comes with a plethora of options for presets – but I will be honest, I have a modified a preset I had previously that I LOVE so my focus when trying out this kit was much more on the brushes than it was on the presets. However I did scroll through a lot of them and the variety is on point! There is a lot to choose from and I feel like they can fit many many photography styles – so choose your favorite, and have fun!

THE BRUSHES THOUGH!!! I am literally obsessed with them. YOU CAN LITERALLY PUT MAKE UP ON YOUR CLIENT WITH THESE BRUSHES! There’s an eyeliner brush, a skin color tone brush, a CONTOUR brush…. And one of my favorite features – they don’t lump the “eye enhancement” into one tool… there is an enhancement for blue eyes, green eyes, and brown eyes. I LOVE that. You can enhance brown hair, blond hair, eyebrows, add blush, make the lips shiney, lighten under the eyes… FORGET JUMPING TO PHOTOSHOP ever again with these amazing brushes. What’s more is that none of these brushes are so over the top that they make your client look fake. It looks natural, it’s beautiful – and it’s quick and easy because you don’t need two different programs to create the perfect image anymore…. Or, if you already didn’t do that – now you don’t have to create a customized brush for each and every detail. They have been created for you and they are MONEY. Also – if you do feel the brush is a little too strong for a certain point in your image – you just reduce the flow. Easy peasy.

I love them and I have barely scratched the surface. Sleeklens – I’m obsessed with you, and I will be telling EVERYONE I know about this incredible bundle. I’m also positive I’ll be shopping with you again soon for your Landscape Essentials! Take a look at some before and after edits! In the first two, the image on the left is completely unedited. In the third screen shot the image on the left is edited with my custom preset, and the image on the right has the SleekLens skin softening brush, lighten under eye brush, eye enhancement for brown eyes, eyebrow enhancement, dark hair enhancement, contour, blush AND rosey lips. The image on the right in all four screen shots have all of those brush enhancements! These brush adjustments were done at the standard flow that defaults on the SleekLens brushes, I did not make any changes to the brushes.

For those of you dying to dive in and try these – you can get them here: and

And just for extra fun – here are more from Dustin & Michelle’s adorable engagement session at Irvine Regional Park:

I hope some of you enjoyed my technical rant today… 😀 With love, Brianna (If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at my computer with my face glued to it playing with SleekLens brushes… If I’m not back in a week, send help.)

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