Photography Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about photography… Some make me laugh, others make my blood boil, but most are just because people don’t know any better. So today’s blog post is a PSA on some of my favorite Wedding Photography Misconceptions. Ready? Here we go.

Misconception One: “You have a really nice camera. No wonder your photos are so great.”

Fact: I do have a really nice camera. I’ve invested more money than you’d care to know in my equipment… Actually, people probably do really want to know that… but that requires me adding up a lot of numbers and math and I don’t mix, so I wont be sharing that total with you today.

The misconception here is that I’m a great photographer BECAUSE of my super nice gear. That’s false. I could hand anyone my camera and I could teach them how to use it… but that still doesn’t mean that they will photograph the way that I do, edit the way that I do, or hustle the way that I do to constantly be learning what’s new, and how to improve. Being a great photographer doesn’t start and end with the gear… Yes – the gear helps… but experience, having an eye for photography, knowing how to direct and pose people, how to set up those seemingly “candid” photographs, and nailing the lighting situation… that all comes from experience, talent, and personal style. So the next time you see a professional photographer – don’t say that πŸ™‚

Misconception Two: “You charge a LOT!”

Fact: I don’t charge as much as I should. I guess that’s not really a fact, so much as an opinion – but there are so many misconceptions behind photography pricing. It is one of those things that people assume have a lot of negotiation room. People assume we just slap random figures together and take 100% profit on what we charge, making them think it’s very easy for us as business owners, to adjust our pricing to meet their desired budgets. If I laid out the numbers and figures of what it costs me to keep my doors open and run my business month to month (equipment, computers, repairs, server, CRM, cloud back ups, insurance, etc etc etc), most of you would crap your pants. If you knew what I pay in taxes every month, you’d break down in tears crying for me… and thank your lucky stars that you don’t run your own business (unless you do, and you totally get me right now). So when booking any photographer – try to understand a little and don’t assume we’re trying to charge you ungodly amounts of money just because we think we can. We’re running a professional business, we have a lot of bills to pay, and our experience and talent that are worth every penny.

Misconception Three: “I need a photographer who has worked at my venue.”

Fact: This is false. Does it help to hire a photographer who has worked on the property you’re getting married at? Sure. Will it hurt you if your photographer has NOT photographed on the property before? Absolutely not. When you hire an experienced professional wedding photographer, like myself, this thought shouldn’t even cross your mind as a concern. I LOVE photographing at new properties for the first time. I feel so excited and energized to create something unique and new that all of my creative juices start flowing from the time you first inquire with me. I will immediately google your venue and check it out and get uber excited to create amazing images there. If I can, I may take a trip out there prior to your wedding. If I am not able to do that, I will arrive long before our scheduled photography start time the day of and walk the property to get inspired. You see, when you hire a pro, you are hiring someone who is looking through the lens of their camera even when they aren’t holding it up to their face. I see photographs in everything I look at. I can’t help it… I analyze light even when I’m just out for drinks with a friend… I can’t NOT see photographs everywhere I go. It takes me only moments to find the best location and the best light. I know where the sun is going to set, and I know what it’s going to look like when it peeks through the trees or dips behind the hills. I know these things even when I haven’t been to your venue before, because THIS. IS. WHAT. I. DO. So if you love my style, and if you’re excited at the opportunity to work with me… don’t, for one second, worry if I have not photographed at your venue before. Trust me.

We’ll leave it at these three misconceptions for this week, and I’ll add some more later as they pop into my head. But speaking of that last one… This gorgeous couple has hired me to come out to Tulsa, Oklahoma and photograph their wedding this May. I am beyond thrilled for so many reasons… I LOVE to travel… and as I just mentioned, I LOVE photographing in places I have never been to before. I am full of love for this couple and excitement for their big day. I met Whitney when she was working at one of my favorite venues (which I photograph at regularly!) and we became friends. She has told me for years that when she gets married, she would hire me… and she did, and I couldn’t be more honored. When other industry professionals, who work with SO many different photographers, choose ME, over all the others… I am humbled beyond measure. Take a look at their adorable engagement session in Corona Del Mar.


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