While I could blog about amazing women and being a woman the entire month of March… (and beyond) I fear it would get my blog off track and down the rabbit hole of talking politics and human rights and all of those things which present a lot of dilemma’s in my head… and I’ll be honest, I have enough daily dilemma’s in my head. That and – I’m a photographer, not an activist… although sometimes I want to be an activist… but that’s a hill I’ll consider climbing if and when I’ve conquered all of my photography goals. Until then I’ll leave it to the pro’s, I’ll donate to the causes, and I’ll cheer them on and support them in the way that I can!

For now it’s onto other topics. What topic, you might ask? I don’t know guys. I’m stumped this week. It’s been a super overwhelmingly busy two weeks for me!

My amazing daily office manager (and cousin- Stacey) has left me for a full-time job… and while I’m super happy that she found what she needed, I cry myself to sleep every night because I miss her help equally as much as I miss her company. Ok I’m not really crying myself to sleep EVERY night… I just wrote that for dramatic effect. But I’ve come close, I’ll tell you that much. Also, my dear mother, who manages two of our properties lead lists and booking is playing hooky. She’s off galavanting across Europe, while I sit here drowning in emails, text messages, phone calls, studio meetings, shooting engagements, and weddings, doing edits and training people to take over Stacey’s tasks, AND keeping up with the potential clients she’s been talking to. Doesn’t quite seem fair, does it? I WANT TO GALAVANT ACROSS EUROPE!!!! Who said she could go on vacation without me anyway?

So I’m doing the job of 3 people…. which is cool. But that’s why I don’t have a super fun and interesting topic to share with you this week. I’ve been too busy feeling sorry for myself and screaming for help… and then slapping myself across the face (literally AND figuratively) for being whiney crap-head, and reminding myself how effing cool my job is… I’m a freaking WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! And that BUSY IS GOOD!!! I’d rather be overly busy, than have no work at all. So suck it up buttercup…. and post a gosh-dang blog already!!!

*Insert giant smile and crazy eyes*

Speaking of doing what I love… check out this adorable wedding I photographed. I really loved everything about working with Amanda & Brandan from their engagement through their wedding… They were so kind, and sweet to each other and to us, and everyone around them. They are good people to their core – and look how sweet they are together:


For more information on Orange County wedding photography, engagement sessions, or destination wedding photography – please check out my website and drop me a line:

Thanks Friends!



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