Let’s hear it for the Ladies!

Guess what DAY. IT. IS!!! Nope. It’s not hump day… (If you don’t get that reference then I’m sorry…)

It’s International Women’s Day! Damn I love March. There is so much celebration for the women of the world this month – so I’m embracing it.

I want to talk… or type I guess… today about the women in our lives. The strong forces that keep us going… that stand by our side during our biggest triumphs, and are lowest of lows… the women who hold our hair back when we’re praying to the porcelain gods… the women who cheer us on when we accomplish great things… who help us kick doors in when it’s necessary… who help calm us down when kicking doors in ISN’T necessary… who always have extra tampons or excedrine on hand… who show up with a big ol’ bucket of ice cream and a box of tissues when we need it… who FIGHT FOR US when we can’t  fight for ourselves… who fight along side us when we are READY to fight like hell for ourselves… Those who MARCH against injustice… Who scream at the top of their lungs for equality for all… The LOUD women… The quiet women… The women WE need to fight for… The women who can’t speak up… The women who need encouragement… and the women who encourage…

Our friends, our sisters, our Mothers. If anyone has EVER told you that you didn’t need anyone else… if anyone has ever told you that they should be all you need in this world… They are wrong. We need people. We need friends. We need other women. I’m the first to admit that I probably can’t go a single day without talking to my Mom or my sister. I NEED them, and it’s ok to NEED people. It’s human nature. We are all stronger when we stand together.

I pulled some of my favorite photos of the sisters and “sisters” I’ve photographed at weddings… and I pulled a few of my own from my wedding, captured by Brandon Chesbro.

Celebrate the women in your lives today and every day! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAAAAAYYYYY!!! Let’s here it for the Ladies!


Go out and thank an amazing woman in your life today!

K Bye. I love you.


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