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Monthly Archives: March 2018

There are a lot of misconceptions about photography… Some make me laugh, others make my blood boil, but most are just because people don’t know any better. So today’s blog post is a PSA on some of my favorite Wedding Photography Misconceptions. Ready? Here we go. Misconception One: “You have a really nice camera. No wonder your photos are so great.” Fact: I do have a really nice camera. I’ve invested more… Read More

While I could blog about amazing women and being a woman the entire month of March… (and beyond) I fear it would get my blog off track and down the rabbit hole of talking politics and human rights and all of those things which present a lot of dilemma’s in my head… and I’ll be honest, I have enough daily dilemma’s in my head. That and – I’m a photographer, not an… Read More

Guess what DAY. IT. IS!!! Nope. It’s not hump day… (If you don’t get that reference then I’m sorry…) It’s International Women’s Day! Damn I love March. There is so much celebration for the women of the world this month – so I’m embracing it. I want to talk… or type I guess… today about the women in our lives. The strong forces that keep us going… that stand by our side during… Read More

Preach Kesha, PREACH!!! My FRIENDS!! It is MARCH 1ST! Do you know what that means? It is officially National Women’s History Month!!!!! YEEEAAAASSSSSS! This is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s also my month of birth, and the older I get the more proud I am that I get to share my birth month with the celebration of Women’s History. All right – time for some real talk. The… Read More