Jack of all Trades…?

I totally missed my blog opportunity last week. Did anyone notice? Did you miss me? A little? Well – I’m back! You’re welcome.

So you know how the saying goes Right? “Jack of all trades, and master of none.” That was hard for me to muster when I was beginning my photography career because I wanted to photograph EVERYTHING. I didn’t want to turn any work away, I wanted to say YES to everyone.

But as I got further into my business and had the words, “pick ONE specialty” ringing in my ears all of the time I realized I really should. I am a photographer…. but my specialty is weddings. So when people ask me what I do, I tell them that I’m a wedding photographer. That doesn’t mean I can’t also photograph other life events though… and if it did, I’d break the rules… Because what I love MOST about being a photographer is capturing people in their greatest moments and telling their love stories. Love stories don’t end on the wedding day…. they carry on for the rest of their lives. The wedding day is just the beginning, and when I build strong relationships with my clients, it is an honor that they come back and ask me to photograph their next milestones.

So how do I find the middle ground? I don’t advertise as anything other than a wedding photographer. The majority of what I post and share are engagements and weddings. (Share what you want to sell, right?) I don’t seek out new clients to capture their maternities, newborns, etc etc. In fact I refer those out. However, I will often take on my past clients, and OF COURSE my personal family and friends.

No, I am not a maternity photographer. I am not a newborn photographer. But if you REALLY love me (like really really), and want me to capture these milestones… I am HONORED to. I am a wedding photographer who often gets blessed to continue capturing my clients love stories long after their wedding day.

Nikki & Trevor are dear friends of mine. I captured their engagement, their wedding, and now their maternity as they get ready to welcome their son into the world. Knowing it means as much to them as it does to me to have ME continue to capture their story – is why I often do it all.

Check out this sweet session:


I cannot wait to meet their precious baby boy!! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Porter!

For more information on engagement and wedding photography, visit my website and drop me a line: http://www.briannacaster.com

And if you want a great referral for a REAL maternity & newborn photographer – I am happy to refer you!

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