Hurry up and POST!

Alright – well… this one is going to be short and sweet. Why? Because for 1 thing, my niece and nephew will be here ANY minute… and for another thing – I already had this post written and ready to go until I started uploading images. I was alerted again that I’m out of space and need to upgrade my wordpress blog storage… Just to be safe I copied the text I had written and then went to (begrudgingly) upgrade… which apparently didn’t matter because it didn’t copy and I lost the whole blog.

I’ll just recap for you – it was about how “full force” business is now and how much I love being so busy again. We had a pretty slow December and a mellow January but as we are now in the heat (literally and figuratively) of wedding booking season, engagement sessions are happening, we’ve already had about 5 weddings in January which is a low number… but we’re heading in to February with 12 on the books. So we are ON! AND I LOVE IT!! After about 10 months straight of this I’m ready for that holiday break… and that holiday break ends just went I’m ready to run around like crazy again. I think I really did find the perfect career for myself!

Ok onto a wedding I really love from 2016… Feels like forever ago, right? But this wedding at the Retreat in Corona, where I’m fortunate enough to shoot quite often, is still one of my all time favorites from that property. This wedding was romantic, intimate and classy as hell. Check out the stunning Mr. & Mrs. Dempkowski….


I promise to try to have more interesting things to say next week…. but I can’t guarantee anything. Thanks for hanging in there 😀


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