It’s like Raaaaaiiiinnn on your Wedding Day!

“It’s a free riiiiiiide, when you’ve already paid. It’s the good adviiiiiiice that you just didn’t take! And who would have thought? It figures…” I don’t care what anyone says about whether or not any of the incidences in that song really constitute the use of the word “ironic” – I LOVE THAT SONG. I love rolling down my windows, blasting this song, and belting it at the top of my lungs in the car… You wanna know what else I love? RAIN ON WEDDING DAYS! And what better day to blog a rainy day wedding, than on a rainy day!?

A lot of people FREAK OUT if there’s a threat of rain on their wedding day. I wont lie… I was one of those people last year. Granted… rain on your Southern California wedding day, is not nearly the same threat as rain on your South Carolina wedding day. Thankfully we dodged the rain for my wedding… but not all of my clients have been so lucky. And as a photographer – I LOVE rainy wedding days. Because like a girl scout… I’m always prepared… and like a true nerd, I LOVE the challenge and the opportunity to capture some truly unique images (and I use phrases like, “like a girl scout I’m always prepared!” <— big time nerd).

Think about it… if it rains at your wedding, you are GUARANTEED to get photos different from all of your friends. I know, I know… “but it’s not how I envisioned my day!” Guess what sweetie pie… LIFE. That’s what.

When it comes to your engagement session, your family portraits, or your babies 6 month or 1 year portrait session, we can navigate around the rain. We can reschedule. We obviously can’t reschedule your wedding – so we embrace the rain in all of it’s glory and we DANCE in it. Well I do. I take it as an opportunity to blow your mind anyway… and while your images are not what you THOUGHT they’d be – I always promise to deliver something you’re obsessed with.

Take a look at one of my biggest rainy day challenges… We played in the rain, and then warmed up by the fire and got some very romantic photographs at a venue I shoot at all the time, but in a spot I had never before tried to use.


I mean come on… despite the rain – that’s some pretty good stuff, right? Right. So don’t be afraid of rain… I’ve got you covered ❤

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