New Year – New RING!

Happy New Year friends!!!

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day. Mine were wonderfully low-key!

I don’t know how DJ & Brooke Celebrated but I know they must have celebrated BIG as they continue to share the excitement of their engagement with friends and family. A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call about a guy bringing his girlfriend from Florida to California for a couple of days where he planned to propose to her on the shores of Newport Beach… and he needed a photographer…. they came to the right place, obviously… they came to me!

As Christmas drew closer, DJ and I planned out where he would propose to Brooke and how we’d make sure I could capture it without being seen. That part would be fairly easy considering the plan was to propose on the beach, and neither of them had ever met me in person… so seeing me wouldn’t be super distracting as long as I stayed back. The trick would be, making sure I knew who they were when they arrived. I didn’t get to meet DJ in person prior to the big day, but he sent me a few photos of the two of them together. I told him exactly where I’d be sitting when they arrived, and which way to have her turn so that we could make sure HER face was in MY line of sight.

It was a GORGEOUS and warm 80 degree day in Newport on December 29th, so the beach was packed which was a double edged sword. This meant – seeing a photographer on the beach wouldn’t be suspicious since there were about three other shoots happening, but it also meant the beach was crowded. I dragged Randy down to the shoot with me to help me with my gear, and help me look occupied when they passed me. I was more nervous than I thought I could be! I had photos of them but I was still afraid to miss them when they walked by… I knew DJ would be wearing green pants and a white shirt, and Brooke would be wearing jeans and a white shirt… but I swear every time I saw green anything my heart stopped, “is that them!?” I saw the green and nothing else at first.

Finally, I saw them and knew it was them. My heart was RACING with nerves for DJ…. and excitement… and also a little bit of worry about her positioning. I trailed behind them with my 70-200mm lens so that I could stay far enough back, but get close enough shots. My hands were shaking, and my heart was pounding as DJ knelt down while Brooke unsuspectingly started taking photos of the scenery on her phone. After a few seconds of being on his knee… she finally turned to look at him and say something… and the rest is history…

Take a look!

Congratulations again to DJ & Brooke! And thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your proposal DJ. It was an honor to work with you and to freeze this day in time for you forever. Happy New Year and Happy Wedding Planning!!


For more information about wedding photography in Orange County, AND around the globe – or to inquire about capturing your proposal, please stop by my website and drop me a line


2 Comments on “New Year – New RING!

  1. Thank you for doing a fabulous job! The photos are amazing and we can’t wait for the next chapter of dj and Brooks lives!


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