A Christmas Wedding!

I’ll be totally honest. I’m having a really hard time focusing on what to write for this blog post because I’m too busy singing and bopping around in my chair to 90’s Pop on Pandora. Currently singing to “Walking on the Sun” by Smash Mouth. I dare you to put that song on right now and NOT bop around and sing to it…

It’s almost Christmas people… SIX DAYS and I’m not done shopping. Are you? The nice thing is, all the stressful stuff is pretty much over…. I’ll probably finish my shopping today. (And now Say it Ain’t So by Weezer is on… I mean give me a break – how can you NOT love this stuff? I should really pause it until I’m done with this blog… but nah…) Christmas is SO close that all I want to do is bake and shop and dance around the house…but I can’t!!! I don’t have any more weddings for the next  few weeks so even though I’m not going anywhere I feel like I’m about to be on vacation. I totally have ants in my pants and ADD and I’m also hyped up on too much coffee and sugar since it’s Stacey’s birthday and I got donuts this morning…. I need to run around the block a few times.

Ok focus Bri, focus. You’re a professional wedding photographer – just get a blog post done. It’s the last post before Christmas!!!!!! So naturally… the wedding I’m going to share is my last wedding of the year… Christmas themed! Stacie & Tanner got married on December 3rd and their colors and decor were so much fun, and had me SO pumped (as if I wasn’t already) for the holidays. (And as I load these images I’m now listening to How Bizarre by OMC… God I love the 90’s!)

Enjoy this cuteness!


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