So much to do, so little time!

Is anyone else feeling this way? While weddings tend to slow down this time of year, everything else seems to pick up. I am actually coming up on my very last wedding of the year this Sunday. You’d think that would mean I had some weekends free coming up, but NOPE!

I’m still finishing up mini sessions (last mini session date is this Saturday!), I have to prep for my Mom’s wedding which is in the middle of December, write a speech, find a dress to wear, get a Christmas tree, do all of my Christmas shopping, watch my niece and nephew for a whole weekend plus find time to do something for my Dad’s birthday, attend my Moms wedding…. and while all of these things are welcome, it’s a lot to do in 3 weeks!! AND it means I don’t get to go to a single holiday party this year. Poor me, right? #firstworldproblems.

I’ll get to go to the best parties of all – my families Christmas Eve party, our Christmas morning breakfast and gift exchange, and probably something lovely for dinner as well. I absolutely love this time of year. I literally cannot wait for December 1st so I can go get a tree and decorate my house… My husband doesn’t let me decorate for Christmas until December 1st. If you ask me, it’s Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but if you ask him – it’s not Christmas until December 1st. So all of my decoration boxes are down but the lids are still on… I’m sitting here writing a blog, but thinking about opening those boxes and putting just one thing out to see if he’ll notice… I’m going to do it…

And while I do that… you can look at this super sweet engagement session I photographed a couple of weeks ago on the beach! Shiya & Alex are perfection – I loved working with them and cannot wait for their wedding at Rancho Las Lomas next year!


PS – I did it. I put a little Christmassy thing on the mantle… we’ll see if he notices. *insert evil laugh here*

For more information on wedding photography – send me a love letter!

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