“Slow Season”

It’s no secret that this time of year things start to slow down in wedding photography. And if I’m being honest, and I usually am, I welcome this little break. It allows me to recharge my metaphorical batteries. Just like any career, you can still get over worked doing what you love… Plus this time of year all the fun holiday stuff is going on and when you’re working like crazy it’s hard to enjoy it all.

So although I am still photographing weddings every month even in the slow season, it’s nice that I’m not photographing every single weekend. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to do, TRUST ME. It means I get to shift my focus a little from organizing timelines, getting my gear cleaned and repaired, editing, all of the things that come with actually shooting, to game planning, financial planning, marketing planning, and technique expanding while things are slower. And to me – all of those parts are just as fun. There is always something to do, and in this business – I am never bored.

This time of year also means I get to DECORATE and shop for gifts which I LOVE to do… and maybe sometimes I buy myself something too when no one’s looking…

There’s always an interesting shift with weddings in the fall and winter months as well. It gets darker earlier, so my days start and end earlier which is kind of nice as well. So in the spirit of daylight savings I thought I’d throw it back to this adorable wedding at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano from two years ago. We embraced the early sunset and rocked some night shots for Caroline & Cole. Take a look:

Who doesn’t love a killer sparkler exit, right? And that roof that opens up at El Adobe? SO COOl! Even cooler that they let clumsy people like me climb up there to take photos. I love this sweet little unique venue.

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