My Challenge to You.

In case you haven’t noticed by all the pumpkin spiced this, pumpkin spiced that, Christmas commercials, and obnoxious “WAR ON CHRISTMAS” debates going around, it’s November!

I personally don’t give a rip if you wish me Happy Holidays or say Merry Christmas…. hell, wish me Happy Hanukah if you feel like it. You know what matters to me? The fact that people are giving each other friendly greetings everywhere I go because they’re HAPPY! They’re feeling festive! And it doesn’t matter what you celebrate – just be kind to one another and stop getting so friggin’ offended if someone doesn’t extend a holiday greeting in your native holiday language – just be grateful they smiled at you and said something kind… take that smile and good wish, and pass it along to the next person you see. And stop with the opinions about what’s on the cups.

This year we have experienced a lot of sadness in our country and around the world. The media is filled with hatred and disdain and every time I turn on the news I feel like something else horrible has happened. So in the spirit of this month of giving thanks I am reminding myself every day of the things I am thankful for. If you follow me on Instagram you already know this, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram you should 😀 ( @briannacaster ) Each day I am posting something different that I have gratitude for. We are 6 days in and I already feel how therapeutic this challenge is… mostly because the actual challenge is only posting one thing a day. I am grateful for SO many things that I may have to just keep this going through the end of the year.

So my challenge to you, although we are already 6 days into November – if you haven’t started 30 days of Gratitude… start it today. Go for 24 days, or take it into December and beyond. Remind yourself each day of what you have to be grateful for. Some days that will be hard…. but I promise you can always find something.

Today I am grateful that I followed my heart and pursued a degree in Photography despite all of the “that’s a tough industry” and “oooo you’ll have a LOT of competition” comments that scared me. I went for it anyway and 7 years later… 9 years into actually being a wedding photographer, I am STILL in love with my choice. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get an education, and that I have the passion and constant inspiration to continue that education. For me, wedding photography is always changing and I love soaking up every ounce of knowledge I can. I am so grateful that I make a living doing what I love.


I look forward to seeing what everyone is grateful for this month! For more information on wedding photography please drop us a line at

Thanks for reading! ❤

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