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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Is anyone else feeling this way? While weddings tend to slow down this time of year, everything else seems to pick up. I am actually coming up on my very last wedding of the year this Sunday. You’d think that would mean I had some weekends free coming up, but NOPE! I’m still finishing up mini sessions (last mini session date is this Saturday!), I have to prep for my Mom’s wedding… Read More

I’m just going to warn you now that there will be a LOT of photos in this post. I tried to keep it short and sweet but I’m just too obsessed. So… you’re welcome I guess. “More Please” is what I’ll be saying all day on Thursday, and what I keep saying when I see this wedding… As Thanksgiving draws closer (in two days to be exact) and I get fatter because… Read More

It’s no secret that this time of year things start to slow down in wedding photography. And if I’m being honest, and I usually am, I welcome this little break. It allows me to recharge my metaphorical batteries. Just like any career, you can still get over worked doing what you love… Plus this time of year all the fun holiday stuff is going on and when you’re working like crazy it’s… Read More

In case you haven’t noticed by all the pumpkin spiced this, pumpkin spiced that, Christmas commercials, and obnoxious “WAR ON CHRISTMAS” debates going around, it’s November! I personally don’t give a rip if you wish me Happy Holidays or say Merry Christmas…. hell, wish me Happy Hanukah if you feel like it. You know what matters to me? The fact that people are giving each other friendly greetings everywhere I go because… Read More