Costume Optional.

Sometimes I want to revel in the past a little. Don’t you? Life gets pretty real sometimes and it’s gotten pretty real a few times this year – in amazing ways that make you thankful to be in the moment, and in difficult ways that make you wish you could go back in time.

So today I’m going back in time aaaallllll the way to 2015, hahaha. I know I’ve blogged this wedding before, but I don’t know if it was last year or not, and that’s ok because you probably didn’t read that blogpost anyway. Am I right? Yeah, I’m right. But that’s ok. I forgive you… because now you’re reading all of my blogs and following me religiously because you can’t NOT. I’m very captivating. Yes? ….No? Ok, I’ll try harder.

Can we also talk about how nice it is that the the weather has cooled down just in time for a creepy and cool 2017 Halloween!?!? Thank you kindly mother nature. It’s about damn time.

Anyway – back to this wedding (sometimes I suffer from a slight touch of ADD, but who doesn’t?). Barbra & Robbie’s wedding on Halloween two years ago is still one of my favorites. They made it costume optional, and those who chose to partake were my favorite people. I love that kind of confidence. My husband is like that… he brought a costume to work last year but didn’t wear it in. He went inside, saw that no one else was wearing a costume, and was like “Yep. Definitely doing this.” He went to the restroom and put on his Grumpy Bear Care Bear costume, walked back in quietly and sat at his desk and worked the rest of the day as the only person in costume. I find people that are impossible to embarrass to to be some of my very favorite people because they make me laugh all the time. And I love to laugh. Unfortunately I am not one of those people – I’d say I’m an inbetweener. The older I get the harder I am to embarrass, and the more humor I find in it… but when I do get VERY embarrassed, I turn 50 shades of red and hate it. I’m the kind of person that, as long as I have one partner in crime, I’ll do just about anything… that’s probably because I’m in the middle of 5 siblings and have never done anything in life alone, period. I always have had at LEAST one sibling, or cousin (I have 22 first cousins that I grew up with locally, and another 17 on the east coast) to help me be bold. My husband is an only child – and I would guess that having done most things in life on his own makes easier for him to not be afraid to stand out.

Alright back to these two who didn’t like to smile, but I made them anyway… I told them they weren’t allowed to look angry in ALL of their wedding photos – but that I’d let them look pretty badass in about half of them. They agreed.

For more information on wedding photography in Orange County and beyond, or for tips from my husband on how to be brave and hilarious at the same time… please drop us a line at



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